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Despite your view on Cutler’s recent antics, there is no denying his talent. Chicago recognized this talent and decided to unload their 2009 1st round pick, 2010 1st round pick, there 2009 3rd round pick and Kyle Orton. While the cost is steep, that’s what it takes to land a 25 year old pro bowl Quarterback. However, what on earth was Chicago thinking pulling off such a costly trade?

The 2008 Denver Broncos had one of the best Wide Receiving cores in the NFL. Brandon Marshall is a top 10 receiver, Eddie Royal was a standout rookie and Tony Scheffler proved to have some great hands. Cutler, having one of the strongest arms in the NFL, had some of the best hands catching his fastball.

Currently the Chicago Bears starting receivers are: Devin Hester and Brandon Lloyd. Both Hester and Lloyd wouldn’t start at receiver on majority of the 32 NFL teams. While Devin Hester has proven over the last 3 seasons to be arguably the quickest player in the NFL, his inability to catch the football will continue to be his downfall. If Hester struggled catching balls thrown to him by Kyle Orton last year, how the heck is Hester going to catch Cutler’s fastball this year? Brandon Lloyd has been known for his great hands but has been extremely inconsistent. Cutler will lack a go to receiver in Chicago.

So how does Cutler plan on utilizing his surreal arm strength? The Bears could draft a receiver in the 2nd round but they still have holes in the offensive line and secondary. I’m hearing the possibility of the Bears signing Plaxcio Burress but Burress is likely to miss the 2009 season.

I’m not saying that Cutler is not worth two first round picks, a 3rd rounder and Kyle Orton but given Chicago’s situation I don’t think this was the right choice. I could see a team like the Vikings or the Jets doing such a trade because these teams are a QB away from making a playoff run. The fact that these teams did not make this trade speaks volumes as well. Clearly they thought it was too much to give up.



In a recent post Mike Lombardi claimed that Al Davis needs a 40 yard dash time to draft a player in the first round. I‘ve come to a conclusion: the Oakland Raiders are not making the playoffs until Al Davis steps down from the throne.

In recent years Davis has selected the following players in the top 10 of the draft: Darren Mcfadden, JaMarcus Russell, Michael Huff and Robert Gallery. None of these players have proved worthy of their selection. Al Davis was infatuated with McFadden’s speed, Russell’s cannon arm, Huff’s measurables and Gallery’s impressive combine. However, none of these selections have helped create a winning atmosphere in Oakland. Has Al Davis learned his lesson? Apparently not!

Rumour has it, that Al Davis will pass on Michael Crabtree at # 7 for Jeremy Maclin because Crabtree cannot run a 40 time before the NFL Draft. I think Maclin is a great player but he isn’t nearly as polished a receiver as Crabtree is. Crabtree is viewed by scouts to be in the same class as Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald when they came out of college.

 Crabtree put up 41 receiving td‘s in 2 seasons where he was routinely double and triple covered. Maclin had 22 receiving touchdowns throughout his college career. However, he scored 6 rushing td’s and 5 return td’s. This indicates Maclin’s need for space; similar to Mcfadden.

 I would understand Davis’ hesitation if Crabtree’s injury was severe but every doctor has said that his leg will be perfectly fine in a couple months. While Crabtree isn’t quite as fast as Maclin, the Raiders have explosive athletes in Darren Mcfadden and Johnny Lee Higgins. How much money can a team invest in explosive players before it becomes a waste of money? How about some consistency Al?! Crabtree is the most polished receiver in this draft and the definition of consistency. He would be a huge upgrade for JaMarcus Russell who‘s main target last season was Zach Miller.

For the sake of Raiders fans, I really hope that this is just a false rumour. Al Davis really needs to relax on the physical specimens and take a look at the talent. It’s time to figure it out Al–otherwise the damage is done!


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